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Model Selection

• Remove the dust cap and measure it’s outside diameter.

• Measure the inside diameter of the HUB. We recommend using a caliper or a micrometer to get a precise measurement.

• Using our Size Gauge Card: The card can be used to select a Bearing Buddy® model based on the size of your dust cap.          This method is an alternative and somewhat less accurate.

Model #1980, for example, fits a 1.980'' bore hole diameter.

A somewhat less accurate, alternative sizing method, uses our Size Gauge Card. The card can be used to select a Bearing Buddy® model based on the size of your dust cap. *The 1980 and 1980A both fit a hub bore of 1.980 inches, however the 1980A has a blue ring which acts as a visual lubricant level indicator inside the hub.

Size Gauge Card

This is a picture of a Bearing Buddy® size gauge card being used to measure a dust cap. It is a credit card size measuring tool that will measure your trailer's dust cap, to help you select the correct Bearing Buddy® model. It will measure the five most common size dust caps, which represents about 95% of all dust cap sizes. The size gauge cards are available at marine dealers. If your marine dealer does not have size gauge cards in stock, they can get them from their distributor.

What is a Bearing Buddy® Bra?

The Bearing Buddy® Bra is a vinyl cover that fits over the Bearing Buddy® to contain excess grease and keep it off tires and wheels. The Bearing Buddy® automatic pressure relief feature allows excess grease to escape if the hub is overfilled. Many users tend to overfill, and, during travel, the excess grease can be thrown onto tires and wheels. The Bearing Buddy® Bra is easily removed for checking hub lubricant level. If excess grease accumulates inside the bra, periodically clean it out.

The Bearing Buddy® Bra is available at your local marine dealer.

Spindle Seal

Spindle Seal is for use with Bearing Buddy® on trailers with brakes or as replacement seals. The Spindle Seal System eliminates excessive grease leakage caused by rough sealing surfaces, which will quickly destroy any seal. With the Spindle Seal System, high-quality neoprene seals ride on a smooth stainless steel surface constantly greased by the action of Bearing Buddy®, which prolongs the life of the seals.

If the axle spindles already have stainless steel seal surface rings permanently installed, you do not need Spindle Seal. Service and installation instructions are included.

Installation Instructions

1. Lay the trailer hub on a flat surface with the inside bearing side facing upward.


2. Align the neoprene seal with the bearing hole and hammer gently with a piece of wood to push the neoprene seal into the hub.


3. Place the stainless steel ring on the spindle. Place the o-ring on the spindle in front of the stainless steel ring as shown in diagram.


4. With Spindle Seal installed, make sure spindle nut is properly tightened. If nut (and hub) is loose, Spindle Seal won’t function properly. If excessive grease leakage continues after properly tightening spindle nut, check components for wear or damage. If the problem still can’t be located, contact the factory.


5. Kits 1 and 5 come with a wire ring inside the stainless steel ring that provides extra support to the ring. In some cases, it may be difficult to insert the cotter pin after these kits have been installed. If the hub moves outward on the spindle such that a cotter pin cannot be inserted through the spindle’s castellated nut, either (1) shorten the length of the nut (2) file a deeper groove on the nut or (3) purchase a thinner cotter pin.

Wheel Bearing Protector

(Chrome Plated)

Wheel Bearing Protector

(Stainless Steel)

BRA Models
Spindle Seal
Grease Seal Models
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